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Helping enterprises make reasoned cyber risk decisions

Informed Risk Decisions

Cyber threats are very real but are you making reasoned, relevant and cost-effective risk decisions to protect your information and your customers’ information?

Are you looking forward enough into the future to understand how the regulatory response to cyber threats is changing and its likely impact on your Enterprise?

Information Risk Decisions has been formed to help enterprises answer these questions. It brings together significant practical experience in helping enterprises across many business and government sectors to work through the complex tapestry of issues to make reasoned cyber risk decisions. Importantly we will help you make cost-effective cyber risk decisions because your enterprise’s resources are not limitless and you will never be given enough to eliminate each and every cyber threat.

We can help you make insightful and informed risk decisions to protect your information, and to help you acknowledge and manage any residual risks in an accountable and acceptable way for your business.

Please explore our website to see how we can help you and what services we offer.

  • Cyber and Payment Security Strategy Formulation

  • Regulatory Impact Assessments

  • Tailored Cyber Threat Assessments

  • Post Data Breach Consultancy

  • Trusted Intermediation

  • Product Applicability Assessments

  • CISO/CTO/Head of Security Mentoring

  • Supply Chain Cyber Security Assessments

  • Cyber and Payment Security Assurance Readiness Assessments