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Helping enterprises make reasoned cyber risk decisions

Informed Risk Decisions

  • Internationally recognised and experienced Cyber Security, Information Security and Payment Security thought leader and risk management proponent.

  • Exceptional ability to analyse business processes and issues in order to determine the level of risk and to propose strategies to reduce this risk.

  • Substantial experience in analysing and resolving third party security and risk issues.

  • A unique experience in setting market relevant compliance obligations and then policing these using evidence-based assessments and enlightened engagement with participants.

  • A profound understanding of the overall standards development landscape and a major contribution to the development of the most commonly adopted or required security standards.

  • The founder has worked in Government in the Defence sector both nationally and internationally, the UK and international payments sector and the corporate travel management business.

  • Informed Risk Decisions has been formed to leverage this experience in order to help enterprises make cost-effective, reasoned and balanced risk management decisions.

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